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Sink Into Remarkable Ouray Hot Springs

Relax and Enjoy an Ouray's Unique Hot Springs

Ouray Hot Springs, officially known as Ouray Hot Springs Swimming Pool and Fitness Center, is one of Ouray's most popular attractions. Originally constructed in 1927, it's built around a set of geothermal pools that have been used in one form or fashion for hundreds of years. The center has a total of five pools, with three pools heated geothermally. An 1,800 square foot fitness center is also part of the site. The fitness center is equipped with weights, treadmills and stationary bikes, and a variety of other exercise equipment. And the center has a convenient bathhouse, with showers and an infant-changing table.

(Note: In this article, degrees are expressed in Fahrenheit.)

The Springs

The heated water for Ouray Hot Springs comes primarily from the Canon Line, which originates at Box Canyon Falls. The water's around 150 degrees when it leaves the canyon. A second source of water, the OX2 Line, is an aquifer at Fellin Park. Water from that source is about 120 degrees. Finally, the Ball Park Line, fed by the Ball Park Spring, is an extra water source that is usually between 94-106 degrees. Cold water at the complex comes from Weehawken Spring, which is also Ouray's source of drinking water.

Ouray Hot Springs water contains a number of minerals, which many believe have healing and curative properties. Minerals include sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, chloride, fluoride, and barium. What the water doesn't contain is sulfur, so it's basically odorless.
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The Pools

The main attraction of Ouray Hot Springs is its five pools: the Shallow Pool, the Hot Pool, the Lap Pool, the Activity Pool, and the Overlook.

The Shallow Pool is a family-friendly pool that is open year-round. Temperatures range from 92-96 degrees. It's about 3.5-feet deep. Kids 6 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

The Hot Pool is also family-friendly and open year-round. Temperatures are around 100-106 degrees. Kids 6 and under have to be with an adult. Because of the higher temperatures, you'll want to limit your time in the pool to 15-minute intervals.

The Lap Pool has eight 25-meter lanes. It's open year-round. Temperatures range from 78-82 degrees. Depth is up to 6.0 feet. Kids can use the pool, but must pass a swim test first.

The Activity Pool is open during peak season only. It's a great place for the whole family, with a Wibit obstacle course and a climbing wall. Temperatures are 78-82 degrees, and the maximum depth is almost 8 feet. Kids must pass a swim test to use this pool.

The Overlook is actually two pools used for soaking and relaxing. The Overlook is open during peak season. Depth is up to 3.5 feet, and temperatures are around 106 degrees. Due to the high temperatures, you should limit your soaking time to 15 minutes. Note that this part of Ouray Hot Springs has adults-only hours.

More Information

  • Open year-round, but hours depend on season.Summer (Memorial day - Labor day): Daily, 10:00 a.m - 10:00 p.m.
  • Winter weekdays: 12:00 p.m - 7:00 p.m.
  • Winter weekends: 1:00 p.m - 8:00 p.m.

  • Adults 18-61: $18
  • Seniors 62-74: $14
  • Youth 4-17: $12
  • Kids 3 and under, seniors 75 and over: Free

ADA Accessibility
  • Ouray Hot Springs is definitely accessible.
  • A gravel parking lot is available for handicap parking.
  • The bathhouse building is ADA compliant.
  • A lift chair is available for getting in and out of the Shallow Pool.

  • Pets are not allowed at the Hot Springs Swimming Pool area.
  • A pet-friendly park is available next to the pool area.

Water Slides

Enjoy fantastic water slides at Ouray Hot Springs. The two main slides--a speed slide, and a curving-body slide--are almost three stories high. Another slide, the "Mellow Yellow," is an option for kids under four-feet high. The water around the slides is 78-82 degrees. The water slides are open seven days a week during peak season.

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